Thursday, September 14, 2006

First Field Trip

Hunter had his first field trip yesterday. His class went to the apple orchard. I wasn't picked to chaperone. This really upset him at first. Real tears and everything. And I wasn't happy either. He has never been anywhere without me or his dad. He doesn't even ride the bus to school yet. So the thought of someone else being responsible for MY child, didn't sit that well with me. But if he was going to go, I really didn't have a choice.

I talked to one of my friends that has a 3 year old and asked if they wanted to take a trip to the apple orchard to spy on Hunter's class!! I went on every field trip Monte ever has. At his old school if you wanted to go, you could go. Now it's only 5 parents. I just wanted to make sure he got there and no one lost him. Not that I ever lost someone's child! But still - I'm paranoid!!

We didn't go. It started raining the beginning of this week, and it never stopped. Yesterday was the worse. It was raining so hard that when I walked Hunter in to talk to his teacher, I had water dripping off of me. Carter's car seat had water dripping off it. All the kids getting off the bus looked like little drowned rats. It rained so much that we got 5 inches of rain by yesterday afternoon. My city is okay, but there are area cities that are completely under water. They are getting around by boat.

Hunter's class still went. His teacher said the apple orchard doesn't have other openings, so you can't reschedule. My poor baby. When I picked him up he was soaked thru to his underwear! He was SOOO wet. I wanted to take a picture but the battery in my camera was so dead it wouldn't even turn on. He asked to take a bath when we got home. He was chilled to the bone. But he had his bag of apples and a big smile on his face. He had a great time picking apples in the rain.

And I'm not so upset anymore that I wasn't chosen for this field trip!!!


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