Tuesday, August 15, 2006


We moved 3 weeks ago. No, not YAY! At least not yet. We are building a new house. But before they would start we had to sell our house that we were living in just to ensure we would not get stuck with 2 mortgages just incase it took awhile to sell our house. We excepted an offer when Carter was 4 days old, and moved 5 weeks later. (boy was that stressful)

In the mean time we are renting a 2 bedroom duplex. Monte and Hunter are sharing a bedroom for the first time ever and the baby is in our room. (which he would be no matter where we were living)

It was a lot harder to move than I thought it would be. The boys had a couple of good friends in the neighborhood that when they said good-bye, I think I cried harder than they did. Our house was a try-level and even tho I complained about it all the time and always said I wanted a new house, when it came time to leave, I was really sad. Maybe if we were moving straight into our new house it would have been different. But we had 5 years of memories there. And we had that house built too, so I really felt like it was OURS.

But after 3 weeks in this tiny little soup can, as my hubby likes to say, I know that moving was the right choice. Monte and Hunter CAN NOT cohabitate together happily. If we stayed they would have to share a room when we eventually took Carter out of our room. There has been nothing but bickering going on since we got here. Until yesterday. We finally got our satellite TV hooked up. Now I've never just let them sit around all day and watch TV, but I have finally gotten some peace around here today. You can only take so many mom, Monte did ........
mom, Hunter did .......... in one day.

I know they are bored. At our old house they had a pool and a swing set and kids to play with. Here they have their bikes and just each other. Well, school will start next Wed. for Monte and the following Mon. for Hunter. Plus soccer and fall baseball. So they will have plenty to do. Thank God!

In the mean time, I will keep you posted on our house. Right now there is nothing to tell. They applied for our permits when we closed on our house. I hope they start soon!


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