Saturday, November 25, 2006


I love traditions and a lot of people have been talking about them with the holiday season here. It has gotten me thinking about traditions we do.

When I was a kid Friday night was pizza night. Every Friday night we got pizza. It was something we looked forward to all week. We didn't go out to eat a lot, but we could always count on Friday night pizza. It's not a tradition, but the last few weeks we have had pizza around here on Friday night. Twice we made our own. I hadn't realized it until yesterday afternoon when Hunter asked me what day it was. When I said Friday he wanted to know if we were having pizza. So, of course we had pizza. I asked where they wanted it from and both my boys wanted to make pizzas once again. Maybe that will be our tradition!

My birthday is 10 days before Christmas. As a kid my mom never put the Christmas tree up until after my birthday because she wanted it to feel like it was my birthday, not Christmas. Well, since I've had my own Christmas tree, I've set it up the day after Thanksgiving. Not this year. Our tree is in our storage unit somewhere. When we put it in there we were hoping our house would be done by Christmas I guess. And we really didn't have room to bring it.

So here it is, after Thanksgiving, and I see everyone else putting their trees up, and I have none. The green-eyed monster has come to visit. I want a tree. I want my house to look like Christmas. With everything in storage, except my ornaments (I didn't want them put in storage) we haven't really decided what we are going to do. Maybe get a real tree this year. We have never done that and I don't really want to spend the money on a fake tree when I already have one.

We make a ton of cookies every year. 7 or 8 different kinds and then all our friends and family get cookies. Last year I made none. I was newly pregnant with Carter and sicker than sick. So this year......let the cookie making begin. Hunter is already excited. He loves to help!!

And stay tuned.....Monday is a big day around here and I will be sharing a family tradition we do every year on this day.....and a few other days too!!


Blogger Heather said...

We always get a real tree - it's totally worth it (even if the cat tries to climb it once or twice). The smell is divine and after Christmas we take it outside and re-decorate it for Christmas for the animals by stringing Cherios and fruit loops, hanging peanut butter and birdseed pinecones, and whatever else we feel like decorating it with. We read The After Christmas Tree by Linda Wagner Tyler.

Sorry for the Novel!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Yay for traditions!
Friday night was always pizza night when I was growing up too! We always got Little Caesars, and they used to do Pizza Pizza and you supposedly got two pizzas for the price of one. I remember picking it up with my dad.
But anyway, thanks for the memory :)
Looking forward to the next big tradition reveal!

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've started making pizza's here every other or once a month so far. I like that tradition!! It's fun that my toddler likes to help/eat the toppings as they go on.

7 or 8 kinds of cookies...yummy. I'm lucky to make one or two!

11:07 PM  

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