Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sign Baby

By Monte's 2nd birthday he still wasn't talking. He had said a few words, only to never hear them again. At his 2 year check up his doctor recommended speech therapy. A speech therapist came to our house once a week and worked with Monte.

She taught Monte simple sign language to teach him that he had to communicate somehow to get what he wanted, instead of pointing and grunting and crying. It was so neat to me. I loved it. She also had a video that I watched and I was able to teach him more than she could that hour every week.

By his 3rd birthday Monte was all caught up. By the time he was 3 1/2 he was ahead of where he needed to be.

When Hunter came along we used what sign language we remembered. But I also think we started later than we could have. I'd like to sign with Carter when he is ready. So my question to all you sign language mommy's......when did you start signing with your baby? And what books or videos/DVD's did you use?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashlee is good at this- we had the Baby Signs book but didn't use it. I find that we would make up our own signs and I knew Gray's signals for things! I think the earlier you start the better! (Check the library, too for books!)

10:25 AM  
Blogger Alli said...

I started (consistently) with my two oldest boys when they were around 9 months. I didn't use any books, but I knew a few already from working in a day care. I made up the rest. I would help them make the sign until they could do it themselves. They both still use it once in a while...usually when they think that their point isn't coming across.

We have one of the Baby Signs DVDs and two of the books. I can't say they helped, but the kids enjoy them.

1:50 PM  

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