Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love Vacation

Vacation, stay-cation, whatever you want to call it. I've heard that term a lot this summer with gas prices so high and just everything in general. But my husband has been taking a week off work every summer for years and we stay home and do something around where we live every day. Not that we sit around the house the rest of the summer and go nowhere, but this gives our kids the feeling of a vacation without us as the parents getting stuck with a week long hotel bill. But just like every other vacation I've done no house work, and I have cooked nothing since Friday. Unless making toast counts.

Until today. Dad and Grandpa (my in-laws are also on vacation this week) took the older boys to the shooting range and me and Carter are relaxing at home. And by relaxing I mean he's watching Cars, and I'm doing laundry. Well, Hunter is wearing his last pair of clean shorts today. I guess I have to do something. A trip to the grocery store is in my future as well I believe.

Saturday was my husband's company picnic where a good time was had by all. He won a grill, (too bad we bought a new one a couple months ago) Monte won a $15 jar of pennies by having the closes guess, and then won Hunter a football playing bingo. Me and Hunter won nothing. And Carter? He just wanted to ride the ponies over and over. He won't pet the neighbor's dogs, but he'll ride a pony? Go figure!

We spent Monday at the beach with my in-laws. Carter is not a fan of sand but gave it a try. For about a minute.

Then he decided he'd rather spend his day on the blanket. Shh! No one tell him he's still got sand all over him.

But not this much sand.
We've also been to the Zoo, and amusement park, I had my bunco night, and get another night out with friends tonight. Oh, and no vacation is complete without a trip to the doctor right? Monday evening Carter got bit by a mosquito and it really swelled. By Tuesday night after we got home from the Zoo his whole forehead was completely swollen and it seemed to be traveling down his face. Wednesday morning his eyes were swollen as well and his whole face was distorted. Freaked Me Out! I can not even try to explain how horrible he looked. And I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture. Not an image I care to see again. None of my children have ever had this kind of allergic reaction to a bug bite before. But after several doses of Benadryl, and just a couple days he's doing much better.


Blogger Mimi's Toes said...

Some of the best vacations are just a few miles from home. Glad you were able to enjoy your family and no cooking or laundry....and I love Bunco...if you ever need a sub, I am not in a club anymore...

10:41 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Glad to hear he's doing better ,that would have freaked me out too!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Tracey said...

Sounds like a great Stay cation!!

Evan had a reaction to a bug bite this summer, too. His eye looked like he had been in a boxing match!

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Ethan is the same way about sand.

Stupid bugs.Hope he's all better.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Not Just Any Jen said...

Great pictures! how smart of you all to stay home and vacation. I wish my husband would go for that. He was trained differently, and likes his getaway.

10:37 PM  

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