Monday, October 30, 2006

Why Must They?

Why do people feel the need to touch your babies hands? Complete strangers will fly out of nowhere and reach around you to grab your babies hands and make baby talk with your baby. This is exactly what happened.

Last night me, hubby, and baby went out to dinner with friends for her birthday. I always hold Carter to try to stop this very thing. Hold his hands so no one else can. Except he is in to this bouncy thing. So he's bouncing on my lap, entertaining everyone when this waitress comes out of nowhere, reaches over my husband, and grabs my babies hands.

I know she meant well - who can resist a cute baby - but your a waitress! Germs people!! I was polite and gently wiggled Carter's hand out of hers. But then she did it again. I wasn't quite as polite this time. Thought she got the hint. Wrong! But the third time I saw her coming. And I asked her to please stop grabbing his hands. I know I offended her, and I'm sorry lady. But don't. touch. his. hands!

I'm just glad we had our food by then. She would have spit in my food for sure!


Okay, I've been gone from my computer for a few days. Actually since Wednesday morning I have only turned it on once. That has to be a new record or something. The boys were off school Thursday and Friday and we were just busy.

Well I was tagged. My very first one! And I would link her if I knew how, but we all know (and love) Steph from Adventures In Babywearing! A little late - but better late than never?

What I'm Into This Month

The book I am really into (or one you want to get into) I love to read, but with a new baby it is very hard sometimes. But Monte has to read a lot for school. I like to read what he is reading. So right now we are reading The Boys Start The War by Phyllis Reynolds Maylor. It's really cute so far. And it's a series which Monte loves.

Magazine I really like Mothering like everyone's else seems to. But I also love to cook, so I get Taste of Home and Rachael Ray's magazine.

TV show worth watching Thanks to TiVo I watch too much. A couple new shows I like are Heroes and Friday Night Lights. But Survivor and Amazing Race never get old.

Movie I've seen I never watch movies. I'm not sure why. I like movies. Probably to busy keeping up with my shows! The last movie I really sat down and watched the whole thing was Cars when it first came out. Pathetic I know.

The CD I can't stop listening to I don't really listen to CD's much. I'm more a radio gal!

The candle I'm loving It's actually a melt from Party Lite. Powdered Sugar

Blog I am always visiting Why Miss Stephanie of course

What I'm most looking forward to next month Lets pretend it's already November and next month is December. I can't wait for babies first Christmas!


Blogger Jamie said...

The hand thing.. what is the deal?!
The cashier at Walmart came around and grabbed Avery's hand this morning. I think the only person that would gross me out more than a Walmart cashier is a homeless person that relieved himself in an alley.
I am happy you had the courage to stand up for your baby and tell the waitress to back off!!

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I left a big long comment and it didn't save! Arg! Anyway- wanted to say I am with you on the hand thing. I do think it was good you spoke up about it, even if it did cause an offense. People need to learn. I also can't stand it when waiters reach over my kids' heads with a hot plate or hot coffee- shouldn't they be taught better manners regarding this? And restaurant highchairs... Don't EVEN get me started!

5:18 PM  

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