Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Kind Of Mom I Am

I'm the kind of mom that at 10pm the night before her son's 8th birthday party , goes to the store to get buttermilk and cream cheese because he just reminded her that MONTHS ago he said he wanted banana cake with cream cheese frosting for his next birthday.

I'm the kind of mom that lets her children eat those banana cupcakes for breakfast the next morning because if other people let their kids eat doughnuts, how is cake any different? At least these had banana in them, right?

I'm the kind of mom that lets her toddler eat popcorn for breakfast because she is tired and just doesn't want a fight. I'm choosing to pick my battles people.

I'm the kind of mom that likes the quiet time during the day with her toddler but still looks forward to the loud, crazy, and busy nights when her older children are home.

I'm the kind of mom that asks for every Sunday afternoon off work because I can't stand to miss just one basketball game that my child is playing.

I'm the kind of mom that needs to take more pictures of her older children so they know when they grow up that they lived here too, and more video of her younger child so he doesn't wonder why all the tapes are of his older brothers.

I'm the kind of mom that is going to put off her shopping this morning one more day so her 2 year old can walk around outside in the inch of snow we got last night. Well, I'm telling myself that's the reason anyway.