Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tons Of Fish

To answer a few comments, yes he ate fish, but who knows if it was this one. Look at all these!! Now I don't fish, but my husband and boys do. Right now Hunter is really into it. He got up at 6:15 to go and never complained. Lil Monte says he likes to hunt with his Dad better. Which sorta explains why he isn't in this picture. He also had an invitation to sleep over at a friends house. I guess he is now at that age where friends trump family. I'll pretend it's not like a knife to the gut.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Fishing With Dad

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Looky Looky

We have grass!!! When we moved in February we had nothing but dirt for a yard. A couple weeks ago our builder sent the landscapers to put in our yard. After TONS of watering and one HUGE storm, our grass in coming in quite nice. And just to toot my own horn a bit, it's coming in better than anyone's in my neighborhood. But then again I'll have the water bill to explain why.

And just because I got 2 compliments here and here about my clean floors, I feel I should clear things up a bit. While I enjoy a clean house to the point I drive my family nuts sometimes, and I do sweep everyday, I don't mop. EVER! Okay, maybe I spot mop when someone spills something. But even that is getting less and less as the boys get older. So Thank You, but I just happened to pick a great floor to hide the dirt.

Monday, May 21, 2007

11 Months (2 days ago)

Already?!?! Why does the "baby" seem to grow the fastest? He is the one I wanted to stay little the longest. But in only 1 short month Carter is going to have his first birthday. I think I must be in denial. I haven't even thought about what we are doing for a party. I need to get on that.

Now I might be a little biased, but seriously. He is the cutest! And this month, oh, all the "big boy" things he is starting to do. Clapping. Laughing just because we are. The food. Oh is he liking food. Spaghetti tonight. Mmmmm. Realizing his toys are there for more than chewing on. He loves putting the shapes in the shape sorter. And anything else he can find to fit.

He can be a bit ornery though too. Throwing things is GREAT fun. And smacking people is GOOD too. But nothing beats a good old fashion hair pulling. I see Mama's carrying their babies on their backs. I don't see that happening here.

But he can be SO sweet too. Liking wrapping his little arm around my neck in a tight hug. Melt my heart. And nothing is better than some mama's milk when your tired, hungry, sad, happy, bored. But it can be frustrating when you can't crawl around at the same time. Ouch!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tuesday afternoon I witnessed the worst storm I have ever seen. It was almost 3:00 and me and hubby were sitting in the kitchen watching the sunny sky turn an ugly shade of black. The next thing we knew the winds came out of nowhere and our new (heavy) patio furniture was airborne on the deck. We both ran out to grab it and the winds were so strong it literally blew me over. Looking back it probably wasn't the smartest thing we should have done, like maybe grab the baby and head for the basement.

For the next 15 minutes we sat in the window watching things fly, trees fall down, (like I said, maybe heading to the basement would have been a good idea) but I think we were just so dumb struck. The power had gone out instantly at the beginning of the storm along with the phones and it was time for school to get out.

My husband got in his truck and waited at the bus stop for the boys. When they were 20 minutes late he drove to the front of our subdivision to see if he could see anything. He came back and said the 2 main roads around us were closed. So I called the school, no answer, they lost power too. I called the bus barn. They had no power but did have phone. She said the school was keeping the kids until they knew it was safe to leave. Okay, atleast someone is thinking.

Well, when my kids were an hour late I called the bus barn again. She assured me everyone was okay, the driver was just having a hard time getting some of the kids home because there were so many road closed because of down trees and power lines. When my boys were close to being 2 hours late I called again. They were trying to get ahold of parents. The bus could not get thru. They were back at the school. I was on my way. But if the bus could not get here, how was I going to get to the school?

I could not believe what the roads looked like. You couldn't drive 20 feet without there being a tree blown down. Huge oak trees, roots and all, fallen. What should have taken me 2 minutes to get to the school took me 30 I had to go so far out of the way. But my kids were safe and sound at school with the bus driver and the principle and a few other children. And at that moment that's all that mattered. We got home close to 3 hours after they should have gotten off the bus.

We lost power like the rest of the city, and because of the serious damage done to the area around me, we didn't get it back until this afternoon. And at first the boys complained. But we quickly put a stop to it. It is just electricity. It doesn't matter. We were all safe. A man was killed a mile away when a tree fell on his car while he was driving in the storm. Our house was fine. We saw many with trees laying on them. A couple in our neighborhood. My cell phone worked when everyone else I talk to said theirs wouldn't. My husband's uncle got his power back in a few hours so let us borrow his generator so we lost no food from the refrigerator or deep freezer. I had spent all day Monday doing laundry so we had plenty of clean clothes. Except for it getting really cold last night the temperature was very mild so it never got too cold or too hot in the house. We had plenty of candles and D batteries for flash lights. I didn't know we were prepared for a storm of this severity, but we were.

So that's why I haven't been around this week. No power, no computer. But we did plug it in once to the generator to get some information we needed for a project Lil Monte had to turn in to school. But I never even checked my e-mail.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful blogging Mama's. And if you haven't seen this picture on Ashlee's blog you MUST check it out. Have a great day!


Friday, May 11, 2007

They Keep Getting Bigger

While shopping with a friend this week we stopped at Stride Rite to get her 4 year old new shoes. For fun, I had them measure Carter's feet. He is a 5 extra wide. I had no idea there was such a thing. He has big feet. (No surprise there. You should see his daddy's boats.) They are wide, but also chubby which is where the extra comes in.

Monte always had average feet, and Hunter's were wide. So I guess like the size of my babies at birth, even their feet are bigger and bigger.

Have you seen these? Or these? I can't make up my mind. Maybe Carter needs 2 pairs of sandals!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baseball And A Meme

So, about a week ago Lori tagged me. I've been blogging in my head, but I've been too busy to actually do anything about it.

My boys play baseball. And let me just say that in the city I live in, when your child hits Minors (9-10 yr. olds) they are SERIOUS!!! I'm talking 2 hour practices, 3 times a week, PLUS batting practice once a week. And that doesn't even include the average of 2 games a week on top of that. Add to that a 6 year old that plays too and a 10 month old that gets dragged everywhere and gets VERY crabby because he won't sleep unless he's in his bed, equals a tired me at the end of the night.

I spend my days running errands, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner so all we have to do is heat it up whenever dinner time rolls around. Which is different every night. Every evening is baseball. EVERY EVENING. The only days we don't is Sundays. We don't have a single day off until Memorial Day. 6 DAYS A WEEK!!!

And I'm not complaining. My boys LOVE baseball and I LOVE watching them, but that's why I'm not around much. I'm tired at night when everyone goes to bed and I can't seem to put words together to form sentences. I don't feel very bloggy, but have still been reading yours even though I don't really comment much.

Anyway, back to that meme. My 7 random facts.

1. My husband is 6 months younger than I am. We met in high school, but I graduated the year before he did.

2. I have VERY sensitive eyes. I wear sunglasses 364 days a year. If I don't the sun will give me a terrible headache. Also if it's too sunny or very windy, my eyes water like crazy and it looks like I've been crying for hours.

3. I LOVE babies in pajamas.

4. I thought I was going to hate breastfeeding. Which for anyone who knows me, that just sounds crazy. But I was 20 when my oldest was born and I'd never known anyone who had nursed a baby and aside from the health benefits I didn't think there was anything else to it. Boy was I wrong. I made my final decision to give it a try when I was in labor in the hospital. The nurse said "just try it. You can always give him a bottle but you can't try nursing when he's 4 months old". So I tried it and never thought about that bottle of formula again.

5. I can't sleep unless I'm in my own bed. I can't even sleep on my husband's side of the bed.

6. I almost got kidnapped at a zoo when I was a little girl.

7. I almost got suspended from school my senior year for having a cell phone in my locker. Now a days these kids have them ON in class.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

On The Mend

Well, after a full week of sick baby, complete with snotty nose, coughing, fever, endless hours of crying, (mostly from him) days without food, nursing strikes, 2 hour baseball practices and games everyday in the cold, and a husband that was out of town, this is the happy face that greeted me this morning.

The first morning his daddy was home. Why does it always seem to work that way?! But no matter. I'm just glad to see a smile on his face. And I'm not praying for him to pass out so I can have a MOMENT!!

And I just wanted to say to the nosey grandma at lil Monte's game last night....yes I know his ears need to be covered. I have been putting his hat back on his head every 3 seconds when he pulls it off. And, no it's not just his teeth. He has been sick. He is my 3rd child and I think I would know. So back away before he sneezes in your face.