Monday, October 30, 2006

Why Must They?

Why do people feel the need to touch your babies hands? Complete strangers will fly out of nowhere and reach around you to grab your babies hands and make baby talk with your baby. This is exactly what happened.

Last night me, hubby, and baby went out to dinner with friends for her birthday. I always hold Carter to try to stop this very thing. Hold his hands so no one else can. Except he is in to this bouncy thing. So he's bouncing on my lap, entertaining everyone when this waitress comes out of nowhere, reaches over my husband, and grabs my babies hands.

I know she meant well - who can resist a cute baby - but your a waitress! Germs people!! I was polite and gently wiggled Carter's hand out of hers. But then she did it again. I wasn't quite as polite this time. Thought she got the hint. Wrong! But the third time I saw her coming. And I asked her to please stop grabbing his hands. I know I offended her, and I'm sorry lady. But don't. touch. his. hands!

I'm just glad we had our food by then. She would have spit in my food for sure!


Okay, I've been gone from my computer for a few days. Actually since Wednesday morning I have only turned it on once. That has to be a new record or something. The boys were off school Thursday and Friday and we were just busy.

Well I was tagged. My very first one! And I would link her if I knew how, but we all know (and love) Steph from Adventures In Babywearing! A little late - but better late than never?

What I'm Into This Month

The book I am really into (or one you want to get into) I love to read, but with a new baby it is very hard sometimes. But Monte has to read a lot for school. I like to read what he is reading. So right now we are reading The Boys Start The War by Phyllis Reynolds Maylor. It's really cute so far. And it's a series which Monte loves.

Magazine I really like Mothering like everyone's else seems to. But I also love to cook, so I get Taste of Home and Rachael Ray's magazine.

TV show worth watching Thanks to TiVo I watch too much. A couple new shows I like are Heroes and Friday Night Lights. But Survivor and Amazing Race never get old.

Movie I've seen I never watch movies. I'm not sure why. I like movies. Probably to busy keeping up with my shows! The last movie I really sat down and watched the whole thing was Cars when it first came out. Pathetic I know.

The CD I can't stop listening to I don't really listen to CD's much. I'm more a radio gal!

The candle I'm loving It's actually a melt from Party Lite. Powdered Sugar

Blog I am always visiting Why Miss Stephanie of course

What I'm most looking forward to next month Lets pretend it's already November and next month is December. I can't wait for babies first Christmas!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wordless Wednesday - Big Boy

Carter had his 4 month check up yesterday. 17 lbs. 26 1/2 in. Holy moly! I knew he felt heavy, but I wasn't expecting quite that much. I must have seemed REALLY surprised because the nurse weighed him twice :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

One Year Ago

Sat, October 21st, it had been one year since I found out I was pregnant with Carter. I don't remember the exact day I found out with the other two, but with Carter I will never be able to forget.

That Friday morning I was at the gym, both my boys were in school, and I was on the elliptical machine thinking about how I was 5 days late. Up until that moment I was in denial, thinking I was going to start at any minute. But I knew.

So when I left the gym I stopped by the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. At 10:30am. I took a pregnancy test. Positive.

Later that day I found out that at the same time that morning, one of my mother-in-laws closest friends lost her battle to breast cancer. She left behind her husband, 16 year old daughter, and 4 year old son. He is 3 weeks younger than Hunter. We were pregnant at the same time. Her late in life surprise child is now growing up without his mommy.

The same day, same time. A new life begins as a life is taken.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

4 Months

Carter, I can not even begin to put into words how much these last 4 months have meant to me. How much you have touched my heart. I feel so blessed that God chose me to be your mommy. To be the one who gets to hold you, who gets to nourish your little body, who gets all those priceless baby grins.

I know just how fast babies grow, I already have two. So why did Carter hitting 4 months take me by complete surprise? I never saw it coming. He is growing WAY to fast. He is my baby, possibly the last one I will ever have, he is supposed to stay little longer. Unfortunately the more kids you have, the busier you get, the faster time flies.

But with each new month comes new things that melt my heart. I love the way his whole body lights up when I walk into a room. How someone will be talking to him, yet he looks at me and smiles.

He still wants to be held most of the day. And it's amazing to me that although I hold him or wear him in the sling most of the day, I still feel like I could be holding him more.

But Carter, what joy you have brought into our family. You are my sunshine, you are my smile!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 16, 2006

Don't Cook The Baby!

Hunter was laying on the couch next to me today and we were talking about school. We had one of those conversations that I'm sure could only come from a boy.

Hunter - Alex and Parker got caught cooking the baby.

Me - Alex and Parker cooked a baby?

Hunter - Yeah! In the microwave. But the teacher saw them.

Me - Oh?

Hunter - She didn't see me.

Me - So you were cooking the baby too?

Hunter - Yeah, in the oven. I put her in a pan.

Me - Oh, well I guess that makes it okay. What did your teacher say? Did she yell at them?

Hunter - No, she just said, Don't. Cook. The. Baby!

Boys will be boys. You never know what they will do next.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hunter's Class

The things that Hunter is doing in kindergarten really surprises me sometimes. For starters he has homework every night. Monday thru Friday. No exceptions. They had a field trip one day and they were still sent home with homework. Every Friday is Share Day. They have a poem to learn, or one week their address or phone number, and they have to stand up and say it. So we work on that.

The kindergarten teachers had a meeting for us parents a few weeks ago to explain the new reading program that they have been doing the past 3 years. They found that a lot of kids were making it to the 3rd grade and didn't know how to read. They were really good at memorizing and it seemed as if they knew what was going on.

So starting the first week of school, all the kindergarteners were tested on their letters, upper and lower case, in any random order, and their sounds. Did you know that if a child doesn't already know their letters, upper and lower case, and their sounds, they are behind from the very beginning? I thought that was what kindergarten is for. After they are tested, they are put into "learning clubs" with others in their class that are at the same level as they are.

Monte did not go to preschool. I made sure he knew his letters (upper case) he could write his name, and he knew basic math. 1 plus 1 equals 2. But I never sat down and taught him the letter sounds. They did that in school. But we are at a different school this year. Everything is different.

I'm just glad Hunter went to preschool. And to be honest, I wasn't going to send him. But he begged and begged to go. He wanted to go to school like his big brother, and I caved. But God knew. He knew Hunter was going to need to know all that preschool taught him. Hunter is ready. He tested right where he should be. So instead of spending all our time trying to get him caught up, we are just moving on.

I just encourage everyone to call your school before kindergarten starts. Not everyone goes to preschool. And all school districts are different in their standards. Being informed is a beautiful thing.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Last night I was laying on my bed with Carter. We were "talking" and smiling at one another. He was being cute as usual, rolling onto one side, getting closer to me.

The next thing I know, he rolled over onto his tummy. It doesn't really count as his first roll over. I was laying there which gives him a little dip to roll into.

But can you guess what he was trying SOOO hard to get to?

A snack!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wordless Wednesday - Must. Get. Hands. To. Work.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Do They Do That?

Can someone please tell me how babies poop straight up their backs? I have 3 kids, I know this isn't something new. But gravity pulls things down. I know, I took 6th grade science.

We were at Monte's baseball game Saturday and Carter was sitting on my lap facing out. I felt (and heard) him poop. I suddenly got nervous. Lately, straight up and out the top of the diaper. All it took was a couple really good pushes. He must have felt better, Mr Smiley McSmileson, but when I picked him up, not only was he covered in poo, so was I!

I guess I should be bringing myself a change of clothes too!

Monday, October 09, 2006

God Knew

Why did I think I was done? That two kids was all that I wanted. Boy was I wrong. But God knew. He knew how much I needed another baby to hold. I just can't get enough of Carter. He is 3 1/2 months now and so smiley, and he laughs all the time. I could just gobble him up!

At Monte's baseball games I always wear Carter in the sling. He loves it and usually falls asleep before the game is over. One mother loves my slings and always comes over to talk to Carter. Saturday she said to me, He's a little extention of you.

And she is right. For now he is. But I know how quickly that time is going to come to an end. So for now, you can sleep right next to me at night, and I will hold you all that you want during the day.

I also promise that when you get big and want to go exploring on your own and your brothers "get" you, I will be your protector. Your going to need it. Baby nugies! That wasn't very nice Hunter :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hunter's Share Day Poem

Autumn Leaves

Green leaves,
Yellow leaves,
Red leaves, and brown,
Falling, falling,
Blanketing the town.

Not quite as cute as his apple tree poem, but fall is here, and I do love the changing of the leaves.

Friday, October 06, 2006

What Would He Do?

Monte is my oldest. He has a lot of the typical traits that older children have. He is my sensitive one. My caring one. The first one to jump in and help when someone needs something. He is also the one I worry about most. He tends to follow along with the crowd too much. Wants to fit in. Will also give up his things to give to someone else just to make them happy. We've had many a talk about this!

Me and my husband have often wondered what Monte would do if he was in the situation where someone was bullying him. He has been at a Christian school for the past 3 years and never had to deal with that. Now that he is in a public school, we figured he would encounter a bully. Well, now I know what he will do. He will stand up for himself. I would never encourage fighting, but I want my boys to defend themselves.

It wasn't at school but at baseball practice last week. There is this boy on Monte's team. He is hard to handle to put it nicely. He doesn't listen, he is always running his mouth, and pushing the kids to get in front of them to be first. The boys for the most part try to ignore him. His Dad is one of the helper coaches and never says a word, so it's hard for any of us parents to say anything either. And you do just have to say, there's one in every crowd.

This boy got mad at Monte last week at practice. Monte was trying to play catch with him, but this boy was just goofing off. Throwing the ball over Monte's head, tossing it so it never even made it to Monte, running around the field. Well Monte had enough and went and asked two other boys to play catch. This boy got mad. When it was time to bat he stood in the door way of the dug out and wouldn't let Monte past. When he tried to get in this boy pushed Monte. Much to my surprise Monte pushed him back. The boy pushed Monte harder. Monte - who is a skinny little thing - put all his weight into it and pushed this kid back so he could get in.

I was sitting on the bleachers watching all this go on. And the Dad was on the field and had to of seen it too. I never said a word, but was ready to jump in and strangle the boy if need be. I never even said anything to Monte when we got home. I told my husband and he agreed that I did the right thing. We let it go, but on the inside I was proud of Monte. I always thought he would be the type to get pushed around. I'm glad I thought wrong.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back To Our Regular Program

I've been away from my computer for a couple days now. Haven't even checked my e-mails since Monday. Boy can they add up fast. No particular reason, just busy. We are all busy, so I hate to go on and on about my busy life. I actually like the fast pace, as long as we get a lazy day thrown in from time to time.

So I'm here, I'm alive, and will be back to blogging now!